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Talia Sparks

Let's Read Your Palm (In training)

Let's Read Your Palm (In training)

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Hi! It's Talia here. I am currently taking palmistry classes and now at a point I can start helping my clients. Due to the fact I have not graduated yet, I am asking for "TIPS ONLY." 

What is Palmistry? Palmistry, or chiromancy, is the claim of characterization and foretelling the future through the study of the palm, also known as chirology, or in popular culture as palm reading. The practice is found all over the world, with numerous cultural variations. ~ Wikipedia 

Which Hand?
Most people have questions or information available by reading each hand. The left hand relates to congenital information while the right hand relates to postnatal information. The right-hand always takes priority. In other words, the right palm is used to determine 80% of the reading and the left palm determines the other 20%. I will be primarily gaining insight from your right hand and anything that may appear unclear and be clarified by examining your left. 

What will be Covered?  

  • Life line AKA "earth line", It can reflect one's health and physical vitality.
  • Wisdom line AKA "human line", reflecting a person's mentality and personality.
  • Love line AKA "heaven line", It reflects one's love life.
  • Fate line AKA "career line", It reflects one's fortune, career, and endeavors.
  • Marriage line,  Despite its name it can include one's romantic relationships and relationships.

    We will also be looking at wrinkles, peaks/valleys, the length of fingers, and locations of thumbs. There is a lot to cover! 

1. Select your palm reading option and add it to the cart.
2. On the "check out" page, you will notice an area to leave a NOTE. Please add the best way to communicate with you for instruction on sending images of your palms to Talia. It can be Text, Email, or Facebook. 
3. Once Talia has photos of both palms, we ask that you allow her 6-12 hours to examine and study all areas for a precise reading. 

If you enjoyed your palm reading and feel the need to give back, please send funds directly to Talia. You may tip her using the following methods. Most clients tip $10+ for simple palm reads and $25+ for advanced readings. 
-CASH APP -$TaliaSparks
-Venmo - @TaliaTarot
-Paypal -


If you have any trouble, please email Talia at
Talia just started a facebook group! Join HERE-

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