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Talia Sparks

"Love" Tarot Reading

"Love" Tarot Reading

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Curious about all things love? Or maybe just a simple question? Allow Talia to gently meditate over one of her chosen tarot decks to help secure the answers and guidance you need. You will have the choice of a "single card read" or a "full spread." 

Single card reads are great for questions and guidance regarding one specific area within your current situation or circumstance. It can help promote healing and assist in careful decision making.

Full spreads are wonderful for focusing on the entirety of the situation or circumstance at hand. Past experiences, current involvement, and possible future outcomes. 

You decide what is best for you. <3

(If you are unfamiliar with ASMR, please GO HERE to learn more)

*Once you complete your purchase, please allow 3-12 hours for a custom written response and 6-12 hours for a recorded or taped response. In many cases, you will receive your response quickly.  If you need a rush response, please add the "RUSH MY READING" product to your cart upon checking out. We don't typically recommend rushed readings as Talia really likes to get in the moment for the sake of accuracy, but, we do have the option. 

If you have any trouble, please email Talia at

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